The real estate industry can be very confusing, especially if you’re new to it. But the

good news is that with careful business planning, client service marketing and lead

generation, it’s possible to build a successful real estate agency that helps you

achieve your life goals and establishes a firm financial future.


Real estate is property that includes land and the buildings on it, as well as any

natural resources. The value of real estate tends to rise, and people can make a

profit by buying and selling it. Real estate agents and brokers facilitate a sale

between buyers and sellers, earning commissions in the process. Also read


When a homeowner decides to sell their property, they typically search out a real

estate agent, usually through recommendation or online research. The agent will

then work with the homeowner to market their property and ensure that all terms

are met for a smooth, easy transaction.


Once a home is listed, real estate agents will take photos of the property and

conduct open houses for interested parties. They’ll also help the seller price their

property, and negotiate with potential buyers to find a fair deal for everyone



Finding clients is central to any real estate agent’s success, and a strong sphere of

influence (SOI) can be a great source of leads. Agents can expand their SOI by

networking with other businesses, attending local events, and speaking with friends

and acquaintances about their real estate career without seeming pushy or

interrupting them. For long-term lead conversion, a robust Customer Relationship

Management (CRM) tool can also be a powerful tool to keep your pipeline full of

qualified leads.

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